We are halfway through 2013, and I am delighted to give you a glimpse of the progress and opportunities ahead. In the report below, you’ll see just a bit of what we’ve done so far to rescue and restore girls and women from abusers and traffickers. You’ll meet girls we’re planning to help, and you’ll see how vital your support is for this urgent work in the months ahead.

When we learned that girls 11 years old and younger in a remote region of Nepal were at-risk for trafficking, we invested in goats for their families. When we learned that little girls born into a brothel community in India were being sexually abused and primed for prostitution, we found a safe haven for them. When we learned that women and girls suffer deeper abuse and exploitation in conflict zones, such as Syria and South Sudan, we sought the best way to help.

Give God praise over the women and girls who have been rescued from abuse this year. Pray earnestly with us for those who need His loving intervention in the months ahead.

With thanksgiving,

Michele Rickett

Michele M. Rickett
President & Founder

P.S. Please consider supporting the work of She Is Safe, so that we can take every opportunity to rescue and restore more at-risk women and girls.

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2013 Mid-Year Report