Dear Praying Friend,

Bindiya’s* captors tried to move her from Nepal to India, where brothels are eager to pay for girls who will be used as sex slaves. They did not count on our border station co-workers, who recognized that her papers were forgeries, worked with authorities and got her to safety.

On the way to the SIS-sponsored restoration home, Bindiya shared a heartrending but common story. When she became a teen, she went to the city to find work so that she could send money to help her family survive, but she was caught by traffickers who forced her to have sex with men who were passing through the city. Her daily life tore at her soul. Could she ever be free? God heard her cries and opened a safe passage to a new life.

At the home, Bindiya and other girls receive care and learn the skills to build a whole new future. Bindiya is learning for the first time that there is a God who deeply loves her and can restore her life.

We marvel at God’s work in the thousands of women and girls in the toughest places on Earth, girls who have been betrayed, kidnapped and enslaved. We have seen God rescue and restore girls like Bindiya, who are now experiencing a life that they never thought possible.

We share the stories of Bindiya and other girls in the She Is Safe 2014 Annual Life Change Report, now available on our website. Click the image below to see the full report.

As you read through the report, please pray for women and girls who still need our interventions. We have included a prayer map to help you pray specifically for the work of prevention, rescue and restoration country-by-country.


I hope you will also pause over the important opportunity that is offered on the back page of the report. You will see how you can help with the urgent need to expand our reach to more girls and families through a special fund. I deeply appreciate your prayers and support and ask you to consider how God would have you support this vital work to free and equip girls as we go forward into the future.

Every day we thank God for your generosity and advocacy. You keep the light shining for girls when you raise awareness, when you pray and when you give. Thank you for what you have done and for your partnership with us to change the future for girls.

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For Forgotten Girls,

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Michele Rickett
President & Founder

P.S. Please be sure to share the Life Change Report with your friends and family.

*She Is Safe uses representative names and photos to protect the dignity and security of those we serve.