The girls that have endured physical and emotional earthquakes are calling out from beneath the rubble.
Their cries are weak, but their hearts are strong and open for the goodness that awaits through your help.
– Michele Rickett, President and CEO of She Is Safe

In 2015 at-risk girls have been shaken by abuse and slavery as well as political, social, and environmental upheaval. As the foundations in many countries are shaken, this creates even more danger for already vulnerable women and girls.

Despite the upheaval in the toughest places on Earth, with your help girls have been prevented, rescued, and restored from slavery. They have been brought to safety and are experiencing a freedom they never thought possible. Their powerful stories of transformation are featured in the 2015 Mid-Year Report, Shaken, Not Destroyed, now available to view and download. Here are just a few six-month highlights.

With your help:

  • 700 girls and women received shelter, counseling and vocational training to build new lives.
  • 545 mothers and community members received training in trafficking and abuse prevention.
  • 3,381 at-risk children have safer futures through education, protection, abuse-prevention and recourse training.

Click here to view or download to share the full report. You can also click here to view the special letter from She Is Safe President, Michele Rickett.

Our prayer is that as you read this report, you will be inspired to equip girls with the tools to climb out from under the rubble of life’s earthquakes into build a brighter future.