Dear praying friend,

Here we are at the first week of Advent – only four weeks to prepare for Christmas. For most of us, just thinking about everything that needs to be done between now and then makes the season tense, rather than serene and sacred. And tensions are running high from Black Friday onward. The news reports that people are being trampled and pepper-sprayed by fellow-shoppers.

Someone has said that, “ Americans are the only people who will trample others to get more stuff, the day after they have given thanks for their stuff.” I came upon a better way forward in the Advent Conspiracy video. I hope you will take a moment to view this short, thought-provoking piece, send this message on to others, and consider helping SIS.

The video asks us to pull back a bit from the $450 billion Americans spend on gifts each year, and give “presence” by making things with people we love. The money saved can go to help others.

I love the idea, and want to urge you to join the conspiracy to take Christmas back to a focus on Christ and the world’s neediest people. Why not conspire with SIS to rescue and restore more girls through Christmas and beyond?

In His love,

Michele M. Rickett