While her children attend school across the village, Grace happily works in her shop by the Nile River, frying sambozas (dumplings) for hungry travelers. It was only one year ago that Grace was abandoned by her husband and desperately struggling to support her 6 children. She was left alone to make a way for her family to face the crippling food crisis throughout South Sudan.

The lack of food only increased a lack of opportunities for women like Grace, until she joined a Transformation Group in her village. Through our holistic empowerment, we train local co-workers to assist 12-15 women to create and manage savings and lending pools. Grace and the other members of her group also receive weekly training in literacy, income generating skill, and health and nutrition, as they come to know and grow in Christ.

Embraced by the encouragement, love and support of her s.sudan insetTransformation Group sisters, Grace learned how to save money and gain business skills. Soon she started her samboza restaurant through the support of her fellow women. Now not only can she feed her children, she is also able to pay for their education. Now Grace is an inspiration and a powerful example to her own daughters and the girls in her village.

The food crisis which has plagued Grace’s community and the rest of South Sudan for the past year appears to be easing. The most recent harvest resulted in large yields for hardworking farmers throughout villages in South Sudan.

Though there is still danger of famine and violence, this most recent harvest is cause for celebration. The improved economy will help Grace and other members of Transformation Groups as they seek to provide for their families and be a light in their community. Grace shares that she wakes up each morning without fear and knows the day ahead of her holds limitless possibilities for her and her daughters.

As villages continue to be changed through She Is Safe Transformation Groups, the future for women and girls grows brighter.

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She Is Safe uses representative names and photos to protect the dignity of the women and girls with whom we work.