As part of her seminary training, Cahya helps run a She Is Safe Children’s Outreach in Indonesia. She teaches the children Bible stories and how to protect themselves from predators and abusers. It was here that Cahya first met Amisha. Right away, Amisha felt a safe and loving bond with Cahya. She began to realize not all adults are dangerous. Cahya shared with Amisha how deeply loved she is by God – just as her own mother had done with her. She is helping Amisha understand she is valuable and worthy of love and protection.

Buryan is Cahya’s mother. For years now, she has been part of a She Is Safe Transformation Group, where she experiences a supportive Christian community. We have equipped Buryan to sustain her family through our business training, pooled saving and lending. With the group’s support, Buryan started her own business making and selling soap. When it came time for Cahya to continue her education and go on to seminary, Buryan was able to provide her with the supplies she needed through a Transformation Group loan. This Mother’s Day, we celebrate this transformation that spans generations of mothers and daughters – forever.