Photo by Pam Pitt

On Sunday night, a documentary called “Nepal’s Stolen Children” shed light on Nepal’s human trafficking epidemic.

Actress Demi Moore teamed up with CNN to show how young Nepalis are ensnared and forced into slavery. The footage and stories are striking and tragic.

In this clip from the broadcast, Moore talks about the wounds left by modern-day slavery. She says, “…the pain and suffering often extends to future generations.”

This statement helps show why we put such a high value on empowerment in our work both in Nepal and around the World. Each young person who gains a sense of value, purpose, and redemption then offers a legacy of hope to countless others.

This redemptive work will not only affect the children we work with. As we prevent, rescue, and restore Nepal’s young people, we know that they in turn will transform villages, regions, and future generations for the better.