Dear Praying Friend,

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I see cards with hearts and flowers lining the shelves of all the stores near where I live. I enjoy this season because it gives us a chance to celebrate the gift of romantic love, and more importantly, to express the love of Jesus – the kind that takes deep satisfaction from putting another person’s interest ahead of my own.

This year for Valentine’s Day, we’re working with our friends at Refugee Beads to provide elegant, handmade Valentine’s Day gifts that will bless those near to you, refugee artisans here in the United States, and at-risk girls in the places around the globe where SIS works.

Each piece in the She Is Safe collection features a rosebud, which is the international symbol of the at-risk girl. Half of the purchase price will support refugee artisans living here in the united states, and half will support She Is Safe’s work as we free and empower girls around the globe.

Click here to view and purchase from the collection at the Refugee Beads site. *If you want to get the jewelry by Valentine’s Day, please be sure to place your order by this Friday. Additionally, if you would like to make a donation in someone’s honor for Valentine’s Day, you can click the Donate Now button below.

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So grateful for the love of Jesus this Valentine’s Day,

Michele Rickett
President & Founder
She Is Safe