October 2013 TGs 045Members of a Transformation Group in South Sudan

Save the Children recently released the 2014 “State of the World’s Mothers” report. This influential report contains key data needed to understand the plight of mothers around the world. In addition, the 2014 report makes a strong claim for the empowerment of underprivileged women in towns and villages around the world.

With Mother’s Day only a few days away, it is easy to recognize the importance of mothers in our own lives, yet let us not forget mothers all over the world for whom survival is a daily battle. To these women, each morsel of food they can give to their children is a blessing and every rare sip of clean water is heavenly. Yet, even in these places of instability, we are bringing life.

She Is Safe works to empower mothers from Africa to Asia in sustainable ways through income generation, education and discipleship. Through these initiatives, we equip mothers to find freedom from abuse and exploitation. We give their children a chance for a better life and through this we help create a vibrant local community.

Too many places in the world, local communities are in disarray. The fibers of the social fabric hang tattered from the edges. In these places, mothers are abused and trodden upon. According to this recent report, over 60 million women and children will be in need of aid this year alone.

2013 was a year of conflict throughout the world, with Africa and the Middle East bearing the brunt of the violence. In each of these conflicts, mothers suffer the most. Whether they choose to flee the conflict or remain in their homes, mothers spend so much time attempting to provide for their children that their own health and well-being suffers greatly. As women in places such as Mali and Syria attempt to make homes in war zones, they are subject to emotional, physical and sexual violence. According to this recent report, 800 mothers die every day throughout the world. Each of these deaths leaves a family behind and leads to further disintegration of communities.

Sadly, these deaths are mostly preventable. However, to prevent needless deaths, we need to step into these places of conflict and exploitation with sustainable empowerment which can bring light into these mother’s lives.

In South Sudan, we have helped mothers build sustainable businesses despite the chaos which surrounds them. In India, we have helped mothers learn about health, nutrition and hygiene, while they generate income for better food, housing and education. In Indonesia, we have helped mothers establish savings and lending groups so they can thrive in an unstable environment. With your help, we can continue to honor and equip mothers across the world

To read the full report, visit: Save the Children

To learn more about our empowerment of mothers, visit: SheIsSafe.org/work/main/