It is my joy to share a glimpse of progress during this challenging year!

You helped make it possible for She Is Safe to continue working in places not only plagued by abuse and slavery, but also a surging pandemic, lockdowns, food shortages and political upheaval. Against the backdrop of this chaos and darkness, there is one word that describes what we’ve felt again and again: Awestruck!

We are awestruck by God’s hand at work among those who are most vulnerable: women and girls locked down in brothels, refugee girls in their tents, mothers in fragile huts and girls in places where sexual abuse is the norm. Through the work YOU make possible, God is granting courage, hope and a way through the darkness. Thank you!

In this report, you’ll read a remarkable story from Myanmar — a place where people are suffering from oppression, hunger and the pandemic. If anyone asks how God might be moving in such darkness, I pray you’ll share what you’ve read in this report. More than ever before, the food, emergency supplies and care you helped provide has drawn people into our ministry programs — and to Christ!

Each number in this report represents a life transformed — lives that are free instead of enslaved, safe instead of abused and equipped instead of vulnerable. As you read about the impact of your partnership, I hope you are awestruck too. Thank you for your essential part in preserving and changing these lives!

In awe of His mercies,
Michele Rickett
Founder, & CEO

P.S. Please consider sending a gift today to free and equip those in the hardest places around the world. Thank you!

Your Help Can Make One Free.

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