Through the Abuse Prevention Training your giving makes possible, 11-year-old Gemi is learning to protect herself from those who want to harm children.

When news broke a few years ago of the horrific rape and murder of Yunyun, an innocent young teenage girl in a rural Indonesian village, it sent shock waves throughout the country.

School had just gotten out and the innocent young girl was on her way home, walking the same path she took every day.

But Yunyun never made it home.

Confronted by a gang of eight boys and six men, she was brutally raped and left to die in a ditch at a nearby rubber plantation.

Sadly, stories like this are far too common today in Northern Sumatra, where 11-year-old Gemi* lives. Violence against children — especially young girls — is rampant. They are at high risk of sexual abuse, human trafficking and sex slavery.

But thanks to you and others who have a heart for vulnerable girls like Gemi, she recently learned how to protect herself from people who want to harm children.

Through the funding you and other friends provide, girls like Gemi are receiving Abuse Prevention Training.

Your gift will help equip vulnerable girls with the tools they need to protect themselves from sexual abuse, human trafficking and sex slavery. Please send a generous gift today!

Your gift will make such a difference…

Prior to receiving training, Gemi was naïve to the dangers around her. She thought nothing of walking home from school by herself. Or bathing alone, naked in the river. Or hauling water from the river to her home by herself.

She was blind to the dangers lurking on hidden paths. Unsuspecting of strangers who would pass through her village — or neighbors she thought she could trust. Unaware of the tricks abusers use to lure young girls for sex.

“She Is Safe came to my village,” shared Gemi. “They gave me and my family information about how to stay safe from people who wanted to harm us.”

Through the Abuse Prevention Training you and other generous friends provide, girls like Gemi are learning the importance of…

  • Walking in groups
  • Avoiding dark, isolated places
  • Staying away from strangers
  • Questioning opportunities that sound too good to be true
  • Telling parents and teachers about anyone who tries to take advantage

But perhaps most important… Gemi is learning that God loves her — and that her body is a sacred gift that deserves to be honored and protected.

Will you help take care of girls like Gemi? Your generous gift today will help to keep her and countless others safe from predators.

I know you want to “rescue the weak and the needy and deliver them from the hand of the wicked” (Psalm 82:4) and to share Christ as we do.

If we share safety information, speak up for those being lured into sexual abuse and help them gain new life in Christ, together we can make these vulnerable communities inhospitable to predators.

God bless you for taking action to help vulnerable girls in the hardest places in the world.

For forgotten girls,

Michele M. Rickett

Founder & CEO

P.S. Girls like Gemi, who live in at-risk communities, are in urgent need of your help! Please send a generous gift today to help protect vulnerable girls from predators.

*She is Safe uses representative names and photos to protect the dignity and security of those we serve.