girls of Batale

We need to challenge structures, systems and process and tackle vulnerabilities and their causes” – M. Kapila


She Is Safe works to create sustainable cultural change through women and girls. As we work to empower these women and girls, their communities begin to view them as valuable individuals and they can bring the light and hope of the gospel into dark places.

International social issues, such as sexual slavery and gender based violence, are currently “hot-button” issues. This devastating problem has floated under the surface for so long, its place as part of the social conversation was due. This turn of events is advantageous to underprivileged women and girls around the world as long as we can continue to convert sentiment into action. From celebrities to CEOs, everyone seems to want to do something to fix these problems around the world. Though this emotional outrage increases public awareness of issues such as sex-trafficking, there is a danger programs borne out of this concern address only surface issues and miss core cultural problems such as undervaluing women and treating girls as property.

Despite the benefits of a worldwide concern for women’s empowerment and anti-trafficking efforts, former UN Mission Chief, M. Kapila, claims the worldwide focus on gender based violence can lead to incomplete responses to problems affecting local communities. He claims that “We need to challenge structures, systems and process and tackle vulnerabilities and their causes,” rather than just trying to fix the perceived problems. We need to continue seeking to shift cultures and empower women around the world.

She Is Safe researches and uses best practices in rescuing and restoring abused women and girls, as well as the keys to successful prevention of their exploitation. Rather than treating surface issues, we address root causes. For instance, we rescue girls who are born into brothels, educate them, and teach them the life skills and spiritual disciplines necessary for wholeness. The girls we nurture experience healing they never thought possible and many seek to bring this health and joy to others in their communities.

With your help, we can continue to make empowerment more than a headline and give girls new hope and new lives.

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