Tricked by a trafficker, Prisha thought she was taking a job in the hospitality industry, which would provide much-needed income for her poor family. Instead, she ended up in a brothel far from home.

As a sex slave, Prisha was forcefully used by up to 30 men a day, seven days a week, for almost three years — enduring roughly 32,760 acts of sexual abuse.

Sadly, Prisha’s story is all too common . . .

We’ve introduced you before to Devi*. She came to the She Is Safe-sponsored Girls’ Restoration Home seven years ago, and her life has changed dramatically since then.

Before she was:

  • Abused
  • Scared
  • Hurting
  • Unsafe

Now she is:

  • Protected
  • Loved
  • Growing in confidence and leadership
  • Safe from harm, illness, abuse, and a life of exploitation

Click here to hear Devi tell her story:

Thankfully, Prisha and Devi experienced safety in our She Is Safe Restoration Home. Their stories had happy endings.

But right now, thousands of mothers, daughters and sisters in dangerous communities are at high risk of being trafficked and forced into sex slavery. But, their stories can end much differently.

Thank you for considering how you can step in and be involved in changing the lives of more girls like Prisha and Devi during this Thanksgiving season.