Dear Praying Friend,

How do you and your family mark the beginning of the Advent Season? This year, I’d like to offer you an opportunity to travel with me to some of the world’s least-reached places. Together, we will be encouraged by how God’s love enters into the lives of women and girls who most need it this Christmas.

Twice a month, our co-worker loads a car with supplies and travels far from home to help sexually exploited refugee women in Syria.

Many of these women have been widowed and have had their homes stolen. With no means of support, they have been used as prostitutes. When one of these women was brutally beaten and hospitalized, our co-worker began visiting her. She couldn’t believe that a man would help her without expecting anything in return.

“Why are you doing these things for me?” she asked.

He said, “I’m doing all this because of Christ.”

His work is dangerous. He was threatened recently while traveling into Syria by armed terrorists who made him kneel on the ground with his hands over his head. They chose not to kill him because he had infant formula in his car for refugees.

This month, he is hosting a Christmas party for these women and their children. They will receive gifts such as a gospel bracelet, a simple jacket, and some chocolate. He will also share Christ with them through Bible stories such as the story of the woman who put two small coins into the offering plate and the Christmas story. Thanking him after last year’s party, a woman said to him, “You have given us back our value!”

We ask most of all for prayer. We also need financial support to help provide education, food and medical costs for the children, and vocational training for the women to be freed from prostitution.

Will you join us as we help these women experience God’s love this Christmas? Please consider a monthly donation, which will help plan this ministry over the coming year.

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Together, we can bring the love of Christ to many women and girls who have never known love, making an impact that will last well beyond 2013 and into eternity.

Blessed Advent to you and yours,

Michele Rickett
President & Founder,
She Is Safe