Right now, girls in high-risk communities continue to be abused, tricked and sold. Far too many parents face tough decisions. Should I sell my daughter as a child bride? Should I sacrifice one of my daughters for the sake of my other children?

And we ask ourselves, why are 1 in 130 women and girls living in modern slavery? A recent report, Stacked Odds from Walk Free Foundation says, from birth to age two less value is placed in girls than boys. Boys inherit family assets, are believed to have more earning potential, and will look after parents in old age. Preference for boys drives female infanticide and contributes to the 130 million missing women and girls in the world. This gender imbalance fuels bride trafficking.

The same report says, of all girls ages three years old to 12 in the world today, 15 million will never go to school. This increases the risk of slavery and child marriage.

Look at this infographic to read these and more disturbing facts.

But don’t stop there.

Even though this information leaves us sad and mad and overwhelmed, there is something you can do. Something we can do together.

Stay informed. Through She Is Safe, our updated information on this site, on our social media platforms and in our newsletters, you can get the truth. Just click on the links provided.

Pray. The information you’ve learned gives you fuel for your specific requests you can make to God asking for:

  • freedom from traffickers
  • education for girls
  • Income-generating skills for mothers
  • new life in Christ

Give. It really does make a difference. Your dollars provide She Is Safe groups where women learn skills, learn how to save, learn how to pray. Your dollars give children access to abuse prevention information – the priceless gift of staying safe. Your dollars directly help train local leaders to pour their lives into those living in the darkest places, bringing good news and new life.

You may still have more questions on how this works, or what more you can do, or how to get this information out to more people. We can help with that. Send your questions here: info@sheissafe.org or submit a comment below.

Thank you for asking the hard questions. Thank you for being willing to help