A compelling op-ed piece in the New York Times explores the cause behind the death of millions of women in developing countries around the world.

In “160 Million and Counting,” author Ross Douthat suggests that most of 160 “missing women” in developing countries have been “selected out of existence” through sex-selective abortions.

Delving even further into the causes of the growing imbalance between male and female children in the world, Douthat says:

Western governments and philanthropic institutions have their fingerprints all over the story of the world’s missing women.

Western organizations have championed abortion as a cure for overpopulation and poverty. Instead, it has been used as a tool to escalate the eradication of women and girls in poverty-stricken communities around the world.

Until families, villages, and nations can see the tremendous potential and value of their women and girls, they will continue to neglect, abuse, and selectively eliminate these children.

This is why She Is Safe develops a sense of worth for undervalued women. As they see women empowered in their bodies, minds, and spirits, communities around the world are learning to value, protect, and empower their own women and girls.