This Easter
help the vulnerable

Offer new life to at-risk girls this Easter!

Each time one of Ehani’s friends “went missing,” a cold wave of fear washed over her and a terrifying thought went through her mind: Will I be the next girl to disappear?

In the rural villages of Nepal where Ehani lives, young girls live in fear.

The harsh environment of the mountainous Himalayas is a hard place to make a living. Poverty is rampant. Opportunity is limited. Food is hard to come by, as the growing season lasts only a few months out of the year.

Out of desperation, many families resort to selling their daughters.

“I longed to help my family,” says 14-year-old Ehani. “I hated to see my younger siblings going hungry and suffering. I would often give them some of my share of food and try to ignore the hunger pangs in my stomach.”

As she watched her parents struggle, Ehani prayed they would not sell her to a trafficker from neighboring India. With each passing day, it was harder for her to hope.

I’m writing you on behalf of girls like Ehani. Your life-saving gift today will help girls who live in high-risk communities in the world’s hardest places.

Every dollar you give will make it possible for She Is Safe to help

  • RESCUE girls targeted by traffickers in slums, red-light districts, poor villages, conflict zones and refugee camps.
  • RESTORE women to physical, emotional and spiritual health through counseling, discipleship, education and job training.
  • PREVENT girls from becoming victims of slavery by equipping them for self-sustainability.

You and other faithful friends who give so generously saved Ehani from the horrors of sex slavery!

Thanks to you and others who give so faithfully, She Is Safe is able to answer God’s call to help the world’s vulnerable girls.

To prevent the sale of girls, She Is Safe has coworkers in remote villages like Ehani’s. By coming alongside desperate families, these teams help parents to understand God’s view of their daughters — that they are a blessing! As we offer income-generating alternatives and educational opportunities, these families learn that their daughters are valuable and have eternal worth; they are not commodities to be traded or sold.

Ehani heard about She Is Safe’s sewing vocational training program and how it might equip her to earn an income to help her family.

“It sounded too good to be true,” said Ehani. But during her first month in the program, something awakened in her — a sense of empowerment and purpose. “I discovered I had a talent as a seamstress that had been unknown to me until now.”

Through She Is Safe, Ehani dared to dream of a new life for her family.

When Ehani completed the program, she was thrilled to receive her own sewing machine. In that moment, her dream became bigger. What would happen if she continued to hone her skills? What if the message she heard during her vocational training was true — that she could know God through His Son and do greater things than she imagined?

Today, Ehani’s vision of a new life for herself is becoming a  reality as she pursues advanced seamstress training. She finally has  hope, and she dreams of one day opening her own business to support her family.

This Easter, you can make it possible for more girls like Ehani to experience HOPE, OPPORTUNITY and NEW LIFE in Christ.

Please give $35, $80, $150 or any amount today so hopeless and helpless girls like Ehani can experience God’s unconditional love, start a new chapter in life and make their own contributions to freedom. You’ll change generations of lives to come — here on earth and for eternity!

For forgotten girls,

Michele M. Rickett

Founder & CEO

P.S. This Easter, NEW LIFE awaits girls living in the hardest places around the world. We need your partnership more than ever before, so please send a generous gift today.

*She is Safe uses representative names and photos to protect the dignity and security of those we serve.