SIS Area Director Bob Knapp stands with Tuareg tribesmen outside of Timbuktu

Rebel forces have swept through the desert nation of Mali, taking control of the city of Timbuktu, where SIS has been partnering with local Christians to rescue and restore the regionʼs abused and exploited women, girls and families.

Amid reports of widespread persecution, rape, plunder, and starvation, we learned that Christians have fled the region and are in dire need of food, water, and shelter to stay alive.

The north is now under the control of a blend of Tuareg rebels and Muslim extremists. Some rebel factions are seeking independence, and others with suspected ties to al-Qaeda are calling for Islamic rule.

We are standing with our brothers and sisters during this time, and we are calling the She Is Safe family to respond generously with prayeradvocacy, and donations during this crisis.

As you pray, please keep the following needs in mind:

  • Safety for women and girls as rape, violence, and malnutrition threaten their safety
  • Survival for local Christians as persecution and displacement grow during the rebellion
  • Restoration of order in Mali so that resources, information, and people can move freely
  • Reconciliation between peoples so that God’s love can spread across tribes, classes and neighborhoods


Please share this urgent message to mobilize others for prayer, advocacy, and support in the following ways:


  • Share this blog entry via e-mail, facebook, or Twitter to raise awareness.
  • Discuss Mali in your small group, Bible study, or church group. Brainstorm ways you can get involved.
  • Rally your family to discuss what’s going on in Mali and how you can each engage this crisis.

If you would like to give to an Emergency Response in Mali, click on the button below. Your donation will be used for ministry purposes, to help Christians weather this storm and begin rebuilding.


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If you would like more information or ideas on how to get involved, please e-mail us at