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Saanvi never thought about going to school. She saw sex slavery in her mother’s small room and believed that she was destined for that same life. But through our work, now she is safe in a restoration home and attending kindergarten. Her mother visits often, and is learning a different vocation, and about the love of God. Sannvi loves to sing and dance around the home as she shows everyone her new found freedom!

She Is Safe’s country director for India, Cherylann Sammons, and Pam Valentin, associate director, traveled to our ministry sites throughout India to review She Is Safe Transformation Groups and our Anti-trafficking work.  Our Transformation Groups help groups of 12-15 women create and manage savings and lending. Group members meet weekly for financial, vocational, and spiritual development. India blog inset photo

As we go, one of our main goals is to bring encouragement, but Cherylann and Pam found that in each of the places they visited, as often happens, they were the ones who received encouragement and joy from our co-workers and from the women and girls being rescued and protected from exploitation.  Despite the marginalization of impoverished women and girls in India, we are able to help them find a voice as we empower and equip them to light the way for others who feel powerless.

During the last year, in just one of the regions of India where we work, 2,122 women received life skills training through Transformation Groups. There are thousands more in our groups throughout India. In addition, 21 girls who were born in brothels are being nurtured in a She Is Safe-sponsored safe home where they grow to become the women God created them to be.

We hope you are as excited as we are about new life for these abused girls.  Please consider supporting this important work. To learn more and donate to our work to free women and girls in India click here.

*She Is Safe uses representative names and photos to protect the dignity of the women and girls we serve.