Equipping Girls for a New Future

Sixteen-year-old Druhi never thought she would have her own business as a teenager. So many of the girls in her community in Nepal simply vanished — sold into the brothels of India as sex slaves. Druhi desperately wanted a different future for herself, so she seized the opportunity to learn sewing through She Is Safe’s vocational training.

During the training, Druhi discovered her passion for making clothes for children. Often, the boys and girls in her village did not have warm clothing for cold weather. She dreamed of earning a living for her family by sewing children’s clothes for her community.

Your support allows She Is Safe to bring income-generating alternatives to selling girls to places plagued by trafficking like Druhi’s village in Nepal. These girls are the most at risk in the world of becoming sex slaves, with little hope of a different future. You are changing their lives and keeping them safe in their homes. Over the past several years, trafficking has been reduced in this village where She Is Safe works by 85 percent according to local reports. After graduating from She Is Safe’s vocational training program, Druhi returned home and put her new skills to work. She now sells clothes to families with small children in her community. Seeing the little boys and girls in her village running around in outfits she has made gives her joy and a deep sense of accomplishment. She has even sewed several outfits for herself. She is grateful for a life she did not think was possible, safe and free from the horrors of sexual slavery.