Whether we are relating the dangers facing girls in the toughest places on Earth, developing solutions to social problems, or sharing the gospel, we strive to tell stories that are revealing, accurate, and moving. She Is Safe President Michele Rickett co-authored a book titled Forgotten Girls, and it has been drawing some positive attention.

World Vision, on their blog act:s, recently named Forgotten Girls as one of “10 must-read books on faith & justice.”  In a brief synopsis, they write:

(co-authors) Strom and Rickett relate stories from some of the most oppressive places in the world: true tales of everything from domestic servitude and “bride stealing” to child sacrifice and “disposable mothers.” They also offer ways to help.

In their full review of the book, they write:

The stories in “Forgotten Girls” are not easy to read, but they will change you… you’ll find that today’s injustices pare down to the names, faces, nightmares and dreams of real girls you won’t be able to forget.

You can read these powerful stories for yourself and support the ministry of She is Safe by ordering a copy of Forgotten Girls here.