Dear Praying Friend,

Easter is just around the corner, and we celebrate the new life that God provides through the death and resurrection of Christ. As we praise God for His resurrection power at work for us, I’m asking that we seek His mighty power for our partners in Mali, who have been forced to flee the city amid a civil war.

You may remember that we work to rescue and restore women and children in partnership with the indigenous church there. Together, we provide vocational and literacy training for girls and women who were abandoned after being sold into short-term marriages, provide village development projects for destitute families, and operate the beautiful safe haven for street children, Noah’s Ark.

Even as food supplies in the places we work dwindle, villagers flee, and violence escalates, they are hoping to return quickly and rebuild from this war. They have asked for our prayers so that they can quickly resume caring for the least of these in Mali.

Now, as armed rebels bent on Sharia law approach, our partners have been forced to flee from the city where they live and work.

Please join me in asking for God’s new life for Mali in the following ways:

  • Protection from Violence: Several recent attacks have focused on Christian ministries and churches.  Please join me in praying that God will protect His children so that they can resume work amid this chaos.
  • Restored Infrastructure: The devastation in Mali has made communication difficult for our local partners. The crumbling infrastructure makes it difficult to connect with the outside world, and cuts them off from valuable information and supplies.
  • The Spread of the Gospel: Our partners asked us to pray, “Inspiration to announce the Gospel as quickly as possible, because we do not know how much time is left for us to do it.”

As you join me in prayer, please also consider a Lent offering to our work that strengthens vulnerable women and children in Mali. The cost of food and supplies has by at least 35% since the conflict began, and rebuilding will certainly be costly.  Whatever you can do is greatly appreciated. If you are able to help, please click the button below.

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I thank you for you prayers. Together, let us look forward to stories of new life as God works among the people of Mali.


Michele Rickett
President / C.E.O.