Dear Praying Friend,

When we first met a little girl named Dira, she wore a torn, dirty dress. Her skin bore marks from physical abuse by her family. Dira lives in a part of Indonesia ravaged by poverty, and her family’s dire circumstances translate into a combination of abuse and neglect.

As we prepare our hearts for Easter, Dira’s situation speaks clearly to our broken world’s need for Christ. As we soften our hearts to her pain and seek interventions to offer her new life, we grow closer to the heart of the risen Christ.

We work with nearly two thousand children like Dira throughout Indonesia. Our Children’s Outreach Fund, in combination with local Transformation Groups, offers tools to women and girls to help them build new lives.

Would you join me in praying, fasting, and giving so that we can reach more girls like Dira? The Give Life for Lent movement offers a great opportunity to contribute. What better way to prepare for the season of resurrection than by giving new life to a girl who desperately needs it?

To learn more about the Give Life for Lent movement, you can watch this video (Give Life for Lent):

Please join our Facebook Event for Give Life for Lent by clicking here. Invite your friends to join in, too. To help more girls in Indonesia to experience new life in Christ, click the button below:

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Anticipating new life,

Michele Rickett
President & Founder,
She Is Safe