Dear Praying Friend,

Easter is a time to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Christ. I prepare my heart for this rich holiday by rehearsing His story, carefully following His steps recorded in the gospels, and praying over what God wants to say to me about the life of Christ.  His story of loving service makes me reach for tangible ways to seek and save the least of these.

China’s remote villages have been  ravaged by poverty and natural disasters.  Impoverished fathers and mothers have succumbed to disease throughout the countryside. The current shortage of girls leaves girls in the region especially vulnerable to the worst forms of abuse and exploitation. We’ve seen many forced or tricked into domestic and sexual slavery.

But there’s good news in this story! With just a little nurture, we’ve found these girls eager to grow into young women who are free and empowered to reach others. For an average cost of one dollar per day, She Is Safe can provide an orphan in China with the clothes, nurture, and education to embrace a new life in Christ’s love.

During the season leading up to Easter, I ask you to consider giving life this Lent. As we lovingly enter into the suffering of a broken world and work to bring about new life, God lets us in on the heart of this story.

Here is a powerful video that explains Give Life for Lent. I ask that you watch it, share this post to others, and prayerfully consider giving life to orphans in need of the love and nurture that Christ offers.

Give Life For Lent


If you would like to join us as we free and empower orphans in China, please click the button below and give today.

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Trusting in God’s provision,
Michele Rickett




Michele Rickett

President / C.E.O.