Today marks the beginning of the Lent season, where we prepare our hearts to celebrate Christ’s resurrection on Easter. Our founder and president, Michele Rickett, will be offering a letter each week to help prepare our hearts for this time.

Dear Praying Friend,

Would you pause with me for a moment to envision a connection between Easter and rescuing women and children?

Many people prepare their hearts over the next few weeks to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, and as we do, we have a unique opportunity to seek ways to express our faith by giving life to the world’s neediest people.  I know of few people today who need that more than the women and children of Sudan.

In 2011, to escape the rule of a violent and oppressive government, the southern region of Sudan seceded and formed the new Republic of South Sudan.

Following the split, tens of thousands of Sudanese migrated to new lives in the South. However, many of the most impoverished people have no means to get to safety. Despised widows and orphans are left to fend for themselves in an increasingly hostile country.

Now, the government of Sudan has issued a deadline of April 8, 2012 for all South Sudanese people living in Sudan to submit to Muslim law or be criminalized and stripped of their rights.

Traditionally, people prepare their hearts for Easter by fasting from something and giving to help the needy. During this Lent season, would you join us in fasting from something and donating the money you save to help evacuate women and children from Sudan?

The Muslim government of Sudan has already made moves to identify and punish churches for evangelistic activities. In combination with a track record of horrific violence against non-Muslim and tribal people groups, this poses a severe threat to the freedom and well-being of the Christian and tribal Sudanese remaining in the North.

We have already begun evacuating women and children who are at risk of persecution, with our local partners, but travel and resettlement between the countries is growing more and more difficult. As the deadline grows closer, there are many more families we can help, but we need funding to free and empower them to build new lives in the South.

We are prayerfully seeking $20,000 to rescue widows and orphans in Sudan before the deadline in April.  You can be a part of Giving Life for Lent by forwarding this message on to those who would care, and by clicking the button below to give toward rescue and resettlement for these families.

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Please pray for wisdom and safety for our partners in Sudan, and consider joining us as we fast to free lives from abuse and exploitation by an oppressive government.

Michele Rickett

Michele Rickett

President / C.E.O.