Dear Praying Friend,

Today marks the beginning of a season where Christians around the globe prepare our hearts for 40 days prior to Easter, known as Lent. Many believers will take this time to pray and fast from certain foods and/or luxuries. I’m delighted to invite you to join She Is Safe as we embrace the opportunity to identify with the needs of those who have so little of the food and luxuries we enjoy in abundance.

To kick off Lent, we look to women and children in conflict zones who are at high risk of abuse, exploitation and hunger. Women in the Middle East are in particular danger. Amid the chaos that followed the Iraq war, many widows fled to refugee camps in Syria. Instead of safety, they found men looking to take advantage of their vulnerability. As Syria descended into violence, soldiers began extorting sex from widows who needed money to provide for their children.

But thanks to the work of Christ, there is hope for these displaced widows and orphans. With our support, our Arab co-workers are helping these women to develop vocational skills and get legitimate jobs. They now have a chance at a better future. One refugee woman said gratefully, “You are giving us our dignity back.”

As we enter into the season of Lent today, would you consider fasting, praying, and joining us in providing food, education, and the news of the risen Christ for these vulnerable ones in the Syrian refugee camp?

Here’s a great video to introduce you to the Give Life for Lent movement, where the money you save from fasting can literally build whole new lives:

If you would like to join us on Facebook as we Give Life for Lent, click here. And please forward this message to everyone you know.  To donate to our anti-trafficking work in Syria, click the “Donate Now” button.

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Anticipating new life,

Michele Rickett
President & Founder,
She Is Safe