Meet out newest co-worker Ati*
(*not her real name)

Ati was ensnared by sex traffickers who used a common ploy. This bright 16-year old girl was promised a job as a maid in a city near her village. When she arrived, Ati was forced into prostitution. Her dreams of helping her impoverished family faded into the darkness when she laid in a hospital, dying of AIDS.

A co-worker from our newest partnership visited Ati every day and prayed for her recovery. Miraculously, God healed Ati. Ati now co-labors with the woman who cared for her. She ministers to other young women who are trafficking victims and suffering from HIV/AIDS. She befriends them, accepts them, and loves them toward new life.

As we prepare our hearts for Resurrection Sunday, we are grateful that God’s life-giving power is at work on behalf of abused and abandoned girls like Ati. And we are grateful for this new partnership in the red-light districts of Indonesia! Our focus there is on prevention through education, rescue, restoration through counseling, medical care, and economic empowerment.

Please join this new work to help Indonesian girls experience life. There are many just like Ati who need our prayers and support.

Also please consider giving a recurring gift to give new life to as many girls as possible! Designate Indonesia – Anti-Trafficking.

In preparation for celebrating the resurrection of Christ, we offer a creative and simple way for you to make a difference in the lives of girls around the world. Watch the video to see how you too can Give Life for Lent! If you choose to participate, your $30 donations will help a girl like Ati on her path of prevention, rescue and restoration – toward a whole new life.

You can help spread the word about this movement by joining our Facebook event.

Celebrating new life,

Michele Rickett
President & Founder,
She Is Safe