Dear praying friend,

When Ching Lan (pseudonym) was growing up as a little girl in a remote village of China, her father contracted HIV and passed it to her mother. After he died, his ailing widow did not have the money to send Ching Lan to school. Ching Lan grew angry; she thought God was unfair to let this happen to her family.

When we learned of the vulnerability of girls like Ching Lan to abuse and exploitation, we began seeking ways to protect them, and help them build new lives. Ching Lan was supported to go back to school through SIS Children’s Outreach in China. At first, she couldn’t believe that people she had never met were financing her schooling. But as we’ve built a relationship with her, she gives thanks to God. She now says that whenever her classes get tough, she remembers the gift she has received and her gratitude drives her to study hard. She’s looking forward to graduating high school next year.

Ching Lan feels privileged that she still has her mother. Many children lose both parents, and are at extreme risk. But with your help they will be able to build lives of freedom and faith.

As we remember the love of Christ in this season leading up to Easter, we continue to be grateful for how He has blessed our lives and the lives of children like Ching Lan. Through the “Give Life for Lent” movement, individuals from across the country are saving a few dollars every day and using that money to give new life to girls in some of the world’s hardest places. Please join us in prayer and support, and forward this on to your friends!

The Give Life for Lent video will show you how to get involved:

Help spread the word about this movement by joining our Facebook event. You can be part of the SIS China Children’s Outreach by clicking the “Donate Now” link below:

Anticipating new life,

Michele Rickett
President & Founder,
She Is Safe