There are many ways you can link up with She Is Safe to help more girls reach lives of freedom. If you can envision a new future for girls who need it most, watch this video (link to VP video) to learn more about becoming a Visionary Partner. By signing up to become a Visionary Partner, you can change the lives of thousands of women and girls for less than a dollar a day. Your consistent support is foundational reaching, freeing and equipping more women and girls in the hardest places.

You can also partner with us as an Advocate. Advocacy is crucial to bringing freedom to the oppressed. By raising awareness about the abuse and slavery of women and girls, you can mobilize your community to act on their behalf. Watch how She Is Safe Advocate Sonya engages her church in She Is Safe’s mission, multiplying the impact of God’s work in the hardest places.

Sonya had her heart broken for these women and girls and could not resist the call to engage when she heard our founder speak at her church missions event. Since then, she has consistently invited her close friends and her church’s leadership to hear the current events about the plight of girls and how She Is Safe is combating it. Realizing the opportunity at hand to transform lives with the gospel and the equipping of women and girls, her church decided to partner with She Is Safe. Sonya now regularly updates her church community in their partnership with She Is Safe, inviting them to pray, volunteer and help with fundraising events that support freedom for women and girls. Through prayer and advocacy, not only are more girls safe, free and equipped, but God is doing wonderful work in the hearts of those around her who are touched by His movement in some of the hardest places in the world.

Ask God how He might be calling you to link up with She Is Safe to realize the vision of every girl safe, free and equipped to be who God created her to be.