In this time of turbulence in Mali, God is working to plant the seeds for the growth of His kingdom. Please continue to work, advocate, and pray with us for Mali’s women and girls.

Despite the news of oppression and violence pouring out of Mali, we are prayerfully pursuing a brighter future for the nation’s women and girls. SIS Area Director Bob Knapp recently sent us the following update on the state of the church and She Is Safe’s work amid conflict in Mali:

From January until now, the siege of Mali has forced 463,000 innocent people to flee for their lives, creating great chaos. But God has been growing the believers in Mali and preparing them for future ministry effectiveness.

Even though the buildings have been taken over or destroyed, people are still there, the church is still there, and we feel no less called to continue ministry to the abused and exploited women and girls of Mali. Those we’ve served remain in our hearts and prayers.

Here is what we’ve done over these turbulent months: We have supported refugees in Mali, including our displaced co-workers. At the same time, we are working with African church leaders to make plans for new outreach to reach and equip refugee women. I am expanding our search into other countries in West Africa for what God is doing to prevent, rescue and restore women and girls from abuse and exploitation.

To receive regular updates about She Is Safe work in West Africa, e-mail us at Please continue in prayer for Mali, specifically that God would sustain and grow His church during this time. If you would like to donate to our ongoing work in Mali, please click the button below:

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