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Because She Is Safe’s work is often in remote and high-risk places throughout of the world, it is sometimes easy to feel detached from the life changes happening in women and girls every day. A powerful way to engage with the work of She Is Safe is through advocacy. She Is Safe advocates organize community events and use social media to raise awareness, prayer and much-needed support for interventions around the globe.Hannah-Run-to-Rescue

Recently, one advocate from California took initiative and ran a half marathon to support the work of She Is Safe.

Hannah first heard of She Is Safe 7 years ago at a conference where she met our president, Michele Rickett. Throughout the years, Hannah and her husband donated to She Is Safe when they were able, but Hannah was always interested in getting more involved.

An avid runner, Hannah was already training for a half-marathon when she thought of how she could combine her passion for the nurture and rescue of girls around the world with her passion for running. She decided that she would race under the banner of She Is Safe to create awareness of girls who are at risk of abuse and slavery.

Life is never simple. Hannah caught a stomach virus before the race. She persevered and ran the race anyway. Though her illness forced her to walk for part of the race, Hannah was reminded that she was not running for herself. She knew that God was saying, “Ministry does not always take the form we expect.”

Despite her struggles, Hannah raised awareness in her community for at-risk girls around the world and raised nearly $400 to equip them for a brighter future.

If Hannah’s story resonates with you, consider how you might engage in the rescue and restoration of girls through She Is Safe. Then, the next time you read a report or hear a story of a girl we have helped, you will know that you had a part in creating the pathway to a new life.

Like Hannah, you can combine your passion for fitness with your desire to equip at-risk girls through the 2014 Run to Rescue Virtual Run. The Virtual Run allows you to connect with the global network of She Is Safe supporters while raising money and awareness in your own community. Learn more about this fun opportunity Here. We cannot wait to celebrate your success!

Visit our Engage page to learn more about how you can help women and girls in high-risk places around the world.