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Dear praying friend,

Each year that little girls are kept out of school to work, marry or be sold, our world grows darker. But studies repeatedly show that freeing and equipping girls is key to destroying injustices and brightening the world for generations to come.

In view of these facts, the United Nations has declared October 11 “International Day of the Girl.” We’re asking those who believe in God’s love for at-risk girls this question: Will you join us to make this light shine brightly from your spot on the planet?

She Is Safe is sponsoring “Hope Shines,” an opportunity to spread awareness about the plight of girls and to raise funds to free and equip them for a brighter future. On the evening of October 11, people across the world are invited to shine a light into their communities by taking prayer walks, gathering with candles, or running toward the darkness to shine hope for girls. Will you take a moment to register for “Hope Shines”?

Here are a few ways to begin your part with”Hope Shines”!

  1. Share the new “Hope Shines” video as widely as possible.
  2. Join the She Is Safe “Hope Shines” event on CrowdRise, an easy online platform we are using to spread awareness and raise funds to free and equip girls!
  3. Make a lead donation to She Is Safe on your “Hope Shines” page.
  4. Download the Participant Guide and other materials that are available on the SIS “Hope Shines” event page on Crowdrise. These resources will help you get started and give you ideas about how you can maximize your participation and contact media in your community.
  5. Start organizing your group or church, friends and family to get outside with your lights on Oct. 11. Pray and see a world of change.

We can show that God’s hope shines for millions of girls in the developing world.

Please help to free and equip as many as possible, this one shining night.

For forgotten girls,

Michele Rickett
President & Founder,
She Is Safe