We believe that when you change the life of a woman by offering her freedom, faith, and a strong future, she will change the world. When you change the life of a girl through love, she will grow up and pass that love on to her daughter.

When you invest in a girl in a developing nation, she will invest 90% of her income back into her community. In our work around the world, we have seen that when women are equipped with the right tools and training, they will work hard to support their families and will pass on the blessings they have received to their neighbors.

This year, we are blessing mothers around the world with a special offer from our partner, Blessings Unlimited. Choose from any of these three beautiful gifts and 50% of the profits will equip mothers where She Is Safe works. You can click on each image to order or learn more about the gift item.

When you equip one mother, you change over 20 lives in her family and community. By blessing one mother, you unleash unlimited blessings for generations to come.

Thank you for all you do for the mothers in your life and for mothers in need around the globe.

Blessing you,

Michele Rickett
President & Founder
She Is Safe