Kashmita doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Nepal, where she lives. But she has so much to be thankful for including a —

Hopeful Future“My abusive husband once tried to sell me into the brothels of India, but I got away,” she shared. “Over the years I was forced to stay with him. We had two daughters. I was able to get away from him eventually, but I needed some kind of income to survive. Through this ministry, I am learning to make and sell clothing. We can live with my income, and I plan to build a home and open a small shop.”

Women in other places where She Is Safe works offer their thanks for…

Rescue “My mother worked in the red-light area until she died of HIV/AIDS. I was rescued from that place and here [in the She Is Safe-sponsored Restoration Home] I know they love me very much, and I have everything that I need. I know I am special and I can become independent.” — Devi, India

Safety — “My husband died in the war. What would happen to my children and me? My neighbor told me about this opportunity [She Is Safe Transformation Group]. I joined and have learned how to start a small business. Now my children have enough to eat and are safely in school where they can learn.”  — Hiba, South Sudan

Prayer — “I used to pray with my head. Now I pray with my heart.” — Dina, Indonesia

ALL of these women are saying with one voice, I once was vulnerable. Today, I know I am valuable — to my family, to my community and to God. Thank you!

Life change is happening all year long through:

  • RESCUING girls targeted by traffickers in slums, red-light districts, poor villages, conflict zones and refugee camps.
  • RESTORING women to physical, emotional and spiritual health through counseling, discipleship and job training.
  • PREVENTING girls from becoming victims of slavery by informing and equipping them for self-sustainability

This season, as you count your blessings, know that young girls and women all over the world are thankful for YOU!