In the fall of 2011, She Is Safe brought Transformation Groups to Indonesia. These self-sustaining savings and support groups continue to grow and flourish in this country, providing support and new life to women every day.

SIS officers recently visited one of these groups, and one of the members stood up and read this beautiful poem. This poem is especially poignant because the woman who wrote and read it has struggled for years with an abusive domestic situation that doesn’t look as if it will ever get better. Her poem of love and unity in Christ is an inspiration to us, and we would like to share it with you.

I Wonder Why

Already I wonder why
You call me sister.
But I know you are American and I am Indonesian.
You are from a great city and I am from a simple village.

Too much difference.
You call me “My dear”
But you don’t know me so much.
You only know my name.

We meet once
And I don’t understand your language.
You pray for me
Even though I only tell you a little.

Neither do I call you.
But why do you love me?
You call me “friend”
But you don’t know me, my friend.

Even to spell my name is difficult.
It’s impossible that I come to your house.
And you don’t know my language.
But why do you love me so?

I have become your sister
But I know actually I am nobody.
Too much difference.
And now I know that’s all happened because of Jesus.
Jesus makes us become sisters.

In Jesus we love each other.
Jesus teaches us to pray for each other.
And the love of Jesus is above all differences.

We love you, my sister.