Malian GirlNicholas D. Kristoff, award-winning author of “Half the Sky,” recently visited the war-ravaged country of Mali. Qaeda rebels have been driven out of the region, but families have lost their homes and many have no means to provide for themselves. This results in widespread hunger that has the potential to claim more lives than the war itself. 1.4 million Malians are at risk. Children are particularly vulnerable.

Kristoff documented his experiences in a recent New York Times article. He writes, “Many Malians are always on the edge of starvation, and the fighting and insecurity have pushed some over the brink. We saw an 18-month-old boy, Aljou Aguel, who was so malnourished and deprived of protein that skin had peeled off his legs.”

The article highlights the need for timely intervention in this region. Our work to equip Mali’s women to provide for their families is more crucial now than ever.

Read Nicholas Kristoff’s full article, “Qaeda Rebels Are Gone. Death Isn’t” on the New York Times website.