Millions of impoverished girls barely survive the deep prejudices they face. Many are poisoned or left to starve. Those who survive are bound for the country’s least desirable jobs. Girls born in brothels are bred for the sex trade and face a future of exploitation.

However, with freedom, the right opportunities and tools, women and girls are transforming their lives and communities.

Issues Facing Women and Girls in India


When girls are born in brothels, they have little chance of escaping a life of sex slavery.

We Rescue and Restore girls as young as three from brothels, providing them a safe home, education, nurture and the love of Christ. We help them heal so they can flourish. Through this process, we are reversing a cycle of destruction.

As the girls heal from abuse and trauma, they often want to serve by giving back to the community as teachers and mentors.

Women At-Risk

India tops the list as the world’s most dangerous country for women exploited by human traffickers and forced to wed, work and sell sex. Almost 1/3 of India’s population of more than 1.1 billion live in deep poverty.

In She Is Safe Transformation Groups, we train and support local groups of women to create savings and loan programs, develop literacy, leadership, and livelihood. Group members meet weekly to support each other and learn about health, risks for girls, and the tricks of traffickers and loan sharks.

From Pounding Rocks to Receiving a Scholarship

Myna spent her days in slave labor – pounding rocks to make gravel in the miserable heat. She cried to attend school, but was told that she would never be allowed to break away from her work and walk the long distance to the nearest school.

God had other plans for Myna. The women of her village joined a She Is Safe Transformation Group, where they learned about the value of every girl and woman.

The group gathered men to help them build a school, and then lobbied every household to send boys and girls to the new school.

The women persisted until Myna was allowed to join classes. She quickly excelled, and was awarded a scholarship for her future studies.

Your Help Can Make One Free.

With your help, this could be the day that she begins her journey to freedom.