Recent studies show Indonesia as the #1 country in the world for the sexual exploitation of children. Pedophiles prefer Indonesia for sex tourism.

When we help women and children overcome abuse and exploitation with pathways to freedom, they become safe and free to transform their communities.

Issues Facing Women and Girls in Indonesia

  • Indonesia women are particularly vulnerable to trafficking for sexual and labor exploitation. (Trafficking In Persons Report)

  • An estimated 30 percent of female prostitutes in Indonesia are under the age of 18. (ECPAT)

  • 207 bylaws in Indonesia discriminate against women. (Jakarta Globe)

Red Light Outreach

Girls and their families on smaller islands are tricked by recruiters who offer “good jobs” in the hospitality industry. Each of Indonesia’s 33 provinces is a source and destination of trafficking.

In Red Light District Outreaches, our local co-workers offer women and girls to join them for Bible studies, and safe passage to a remote restoration house.

Once the girls are safe, they receive trauma counseling, vocational training and the opportunity to discover their worth in Christ.

Children At-Risk

Poor Indonesian children rarely grow up with positive adult influence. Many children are raised by older siblings. This lack of education and supervision often leads to abuse, exploitation, and trafficking.

Through our work with Children-At-Risk, about 60,000 underprivileged and at-risk school children learn about the love of God and gain 10 Tips to Safety, a Hotline for Help, school supplies and underthings for girls.

Transformation Groups

In She Is Safe Transformation Groups, we train and support local co-workers to create savings and loan programs, develop literacy, leadership and livelihood. Group members meet weekly to support each other and learn about health, risks for girls, and the tricks of traffickers and loan sharks.

I Am a Nobody

Aanjay shared, “I think I am a nobody. I have no mother to love me and no father to care… many times I feel depressed. One day a friend invited me to go with her to a children’s meeting. I heard my friends singing. Then slowly I came closer to listen. That day is a very special day for me, because the teacher told me that I am loved.”

Aanjay is one of thousands of at-risk children we minister to, who otherwise feel like “nobodies.” God knows their misery and sends She Is Safe co-workers into their villages and schools to gather them into His love.

Your Help Can Make One Free.

With your help, this could be the day that she begins her journey to freedom.