We have been working for ten years to free and empower girls in the world’s least-reached places, and we are thrilled to announce that today the world celebrates its first International Day of the Girl.

On this special day, we’d like to offer you a few great ways to get involved in sharing the news about this new, and deeply important, event. Here are a few steps you can take:

Spread the word: Use this new SIS tool to raise as much awareness as you can. We worked with The Halle Project to provide a great look at what happens when you free and empower women and girls in India. Stand up for girls by sharing our brand new video on Facebook, Twitter, or your own blog:

She Is Safe- India
She Is Safe- India


Get involved: Host a fundraiser or take part in an initiative to free and empower enslaved women and girls. You can participate in an existing initiative found at our Engage Page or create your own.

Stand as an Advocate:  The most powerful way to free and empower girls is to serve as an advocate. You can gather an “advocacy group” to raise awareness, prayer, and support for our initiatives that help girls. To find out more or for help getting started, visit email advocates@SheIsSafe.org.

It costs less to transform one girl than it takes to feed the average American house cat annually. But it does take resources.  I assure you that every dollar will make a difference.  So, will you join us with a donation to free and empower girls in the world’s hardest places? Please click the button below:

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