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Part Two of a Series on New International Team Members

Pam Valentin joined She Is Safe in March of 2014 and has brought passion and practicality to her role as the Associate Country Director of India. She is currently in India, working to deepen relationships with our field partners there and furthering our work to equip at-risk girls and women.

Pam has always had a heart for women’s issues. During her time in business and ministry, she learned about the struggles of women internationally. This passion led her, in 2009, to meet with Cherylann Sammons, our current Country Director for India. A few years and a few short term mission trips later, she understood, more than ever, the dire circumstances facing women throughout the developing world. Pam was compelled to act upon this knowledge and joined the staff of She Is Safe.

In January of 2014, she traveled with other She Is Safe staff to India and experienced firsthand the change she could help enact in women’s lives across the world. She attended and was amazed by SIS Transformation Group meetings. In these self-help sessions, she listened as underprivileged Indian women spoke of collective saving and how the resulting microloans had helped them start businesses and provide for their families in ways they never thought possible. She heard how these women were sending their daughters to school, and protecting other girls in their community.

The perseverance of these women continues to inspire Pam as she helps to grow our prevention, rescue and restoration work in India. Practicality and attention to detail are key facets of her work. These characteristics and Christ-like service are the basis for long-term, deep relationships with Indian women for whom Pam has a passion. She contributes to the growth of Transformation Groups, children’s outreach and brothel rescue in India and the resulting life change that comes from this work. Sharadha, for example, has been able to start a grocery store in her home through She Is Safe’s help. Now she is becoming involved with her local church and is learning more about God.

Pam looks forward to the continued growth and empowerment of women in India through our work, knowing that this growth will bear spiritual, physical, and emotional fruit in future generations. Pam is prayerfully confident that with God’s help we will continue to see growing numbers of women released from the physical and emotional bondage of abuse and slavery. We at She Is Safe have been blessed by Pam and her dedication to the empowerment of women and girls, and we look forward to how God will use her to rescue and restore lives in the future.

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