Women like Marwa need your help!


“After escaping from the Syrian war, I was depressed and traumatized. Even with my children and husband, I was lonely and unhappy. I never dreamed when I joined the She Is Safe-sponsored sewing school so much would change. Through the leaders, teachers and other women, I am surprised to find myself a sewing instructor now. My dream is to return one day to Syria and be an example to my people there.”


Today, Marwa and her sewing school students are making COVID-19 protective masks for families in their tent city and for the local Red Cross.


Marwa’s story is proof that your giving changes lives—and even entire communities.

Crisis mode. Unemployment. Shortages of food and essentials. Lack of medical care. An uncertain future. This is what so many are experiencing under COVID-19.

Marwa,* a Syrian refugee and mother of five, has been living in crisis mode her entire life—and now the coronavirus hits on top of it all. In the dense, massive tent city where she lives, women and girls around her…

  • have endured sex slavery and are now trying to build new lives.
  • suffer early and forced marriages.
  • lack education or skill-based vocational training.

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Despite her desperate circumstances, Marwa finds a way forward through the help you provide. And she has her eyes on a FUTURE your generosity makes possible…

Like you, Marwa is a DIFFERENCE-MAKER!

In spite of living in “crisis mode” as a refugee—worsened as COVID-19 has taken a toll on her community—she no longer gives in to hopelessness and despair.

Thank you for doing your part by investing in women and girls. Marwa’s story is proof that your giving changes lives—and entire communities.

As we come to the end of our fiscal year, I’m praying you will continue to be a difference-maker.

God has called us to this ministry to help more women and girls, I have faith that the Lord will bring the right people to help us continue to grow in this mission God has placed on our hearts.

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Thank you for helping to meet these critical needs through God’s grace and abundant provision.

Thank you in advance for helping to meet these critical needs through God’s grace and abundant provision.

On behalf of forgotten girls,

Michele M. Rickett

Founder & CEO

P.S. Please give a generous gift today to help rescue and equip TWICE as many girls and women in the hardest places. We need $150,000 by June 30th in order to pour more love and strength into abused and exploited women and girls.

*She is Safe uses representative names and photos to protect the dignity and security of those we serve.