Kiss Trafficking GoodbyeWouldn’t you love to Kiss Sex Trafficking Goodbye? Well, here is your chance to help do that with our Kiss Trafficking Goodbye Lipstick Challenge. And it’s happening right now!

You may know that 98% of all sex slaves are female, and that the average age when a girl begins to be trafficked for sex where we work is 11 years old? Will you help me do everything we can to kiss this hideous violence and slavery goodbye?

I invite you to join with She Is Safe to rescue and restore lives with your purchases. Business woman Magda Brady has offered to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of lipstick to She Is Safe between now and March 31, 2016. I don’t want to set a limit on what we can do this month! The question is not, how many lipsticks shall we buy, but how many lives will we transform? Each purchase will move a girl one step closer to a new life!

Here is the secure website to find the colors you want and make your purchase: If you would like, let Magda know on her webpage that you prefer for her to choose colors for you. She’s a professional! You can choose from any lipstick or gloss. Under her lovely photo you will see the words “Send me a message.” Please be sure to mention that your purchase is part of Kiss Trafficking Goodbye” or “SIS”.

We are launching this Kiss Trafficking Goodbye Challenge in the USA, Virgin Island, Guam & Puerto Rico.

Please forward this to as many friends as possible, and watch for our weekly updates on how many we can restore to new life with this challenge.

Thank you for helping to Kiss Trafficking Goodbye!

For the forgotten,


Michele Rickett
Founder & CEO