Let's Face Trafficking

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. We’ll be joining with advocates, churches, and partners around the world to face trafficking.

The face of trafficking is overwhelmingly female.

What is the face of trafficking? Overwhelmingly, it’s female. Over 80% of those trafficked internationally for forced labor are women and girls. It’s the face of an Indonesian girl named Yeny.

As a young girl, Yeny was beginning to discover her interests and where she might excel in life. In school, she showed talent in singing and theater and made high marks in Math and English.

A few years ago, Yeny began running away from home to escape an angry father. Her boyfriend raped her and pimped her out to one of his friends, who enslaved her as a sex worker. In 2012, Yeny became pregnant; she is unable to identify the father of her baby.

Yeny recently began living in a safe house that is staffed by She Is Safe anti-trafficking partners. She is now part of a home school network and continues her education. She also receives counseling, participates in Bible studies, and learns how to care for herself and her child.

Yeny is only 14 years old.

We are raising $44,000 for Indonesia Anti-Trafficking this month. We’ve currently raised $5,000. Help us reach our goal!

To face trafficking and work with us to intervene on behalf of girls like Yeny, here are three things you can do:

  • Pray with us that hundreds more girls like Yeny will be free and empowered in 2014.
  • Donate so that we can prevent, rescue and restore more.
  • Share the facts about trafficking. We are releasing a new fact every day, and these facts will form the image of a young girl who we are working to restore!

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