Tears. Prayers. Heart-pounding escapes. Treks in the Himalayas. Forays into war zones and red-light districts. This is what prevention, rescue and restoration require.

Even after all of that, there is much work ahead—the work of nurturing broken girls who have sexually transmitted diseases, trauma and/or pregnancies from their lives of sex slavery and persistently seeking to change engrained practices that leave girls vulnerable to slavery.

In this year’s Life Change Report, we hope you enjoy the highlights of girls and women you have helped to bring to new life. Through the journey of a girl we call Uli, you can see the light of new life dawning.

We celebrate each “Uli” we have had the privilege to nurture toward new life. Last year, 20,665 women and girls (and a few men and boys) directly benefitted from prevention, rescue or restoration, along with an introduction to Christ. An additional 60,232 boys and girls gained safety tips, supplies and a hotline for help. Each one is now changed forever and making his or her unique contribution to this world.

We know that at-risk girls continue to be abused, tricked and sold and that girls are key to changing the next generation of men and boys so that they value women and girls.

Reaching the God-given goal of making every girl safe, free and equipped requires ongoing commitment and sacrifice.

We know that unless we are striking at the root causes of Modern Slavery, the number of slaves will continue to grow. So, we focus the majority of our efforts on growing our embrace around at-risk girls in order to prevent them from being enslaved in the first place.

We hope that you will click on the link below and read the Life Change report. You will see that the multiplied impact of that approach over the last 12 months is astounding: thousands more women and girls in high-risk places are safe, free and equipped because you care. Women who were once voiceless are working for change.

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