Let's Face Trafficking

When I meet girls that have just escaped years of abuse, I pray “God, give these girls new life.” Do you ever wonder if hope can be born after such abuse?

In all our years of ministry, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, and we are joining advocates, churches, and partners around the world to face trafficking. We want to see the faces of girls who have no hope. Anu was such a girl.

After running away from an abusive home as a young teen, Anu turned to prostitution to survive. We made contact with her when she was 17 years old, beaten down by the tortures of sex work.

Anu was brought to a She Is Safe-sponsored safe house where she received loving treatment for her trauma and wounds.

As one of our co-workers, a doctor, helped patch up her battered body, Anu picked up a Bible and started to read. The doctor knew it was a huge step for Anu toward making a personal connection with God.

Anu picked up a bible and started to read.

At the safe house, Anu found safety and a path to health in every area of her life. She began to study the Bible and pray together with other residents and the mentors. It was an awkward experience initially. But now, she is hungry to know God more deeply.

She Is Safe works to provide counseling, acceptance, and job skills for girls like Anu who are looking for hope. Please pray for Anu – that she will continue to grow spiritually in her year at the safe house.

Here are three things you can do to face trafficking and work with us to intervene on behalf of girls like Anu:

  • Pray with us that hundreds more girls like Anu will be free and empowered in 2014.
  • Donate to Indonesia Anti-Trafficking so that we can prevent, rescue and restore more.

We are raising $44,000 for Indonesia Anti-Trafficking this month. We’ve currently raised $5,490. Help us reach our goal!

  • Share the facts about trafficking. We are releasing a new fact every day, and these facts will form the image of a young girl who we are working to restore!

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