Dear Praying Friend,

Christmas especially turns our hearts to shepherds, lambs, and the amazing account of the Great Shepherd humbly entering our broken world to seek and save lost sheep.

Anjay was one of those lost lambs. She spent her days on the dangerous streets of a tourist island of Indonesia. When she was 13 years old, an older girl offered to guide Anjay to a particular street that promised her a life of wealth. The girl who “shepherded” Anjay had actually trafficked her into the red light district, where pimps used her for two years. But because we were supported, She Is Safe co-workers were there on the streets to lead her to a new path—to a safe home, to vocational training and to her beloved Shepherd.
These lost lambs are not hard to find. The traffickers know where they are, and so do we. The younger ones and those who are desperate are the quickest to respond to the kind of help we can bring. Intervening before girls are led away into misery is the best of all. And this can all happen because of you.

If you lost one of your lambs, you would stop at nothing to bring her to safety. You would dress her wounds, restore her from trauma and teach her to build a great life in the center of God’s embrace – no matter what the cost. What is it worth to prevent a girl from being sold? Or to restore her once she has been rescued? It only costs a few hundred dollars for each one, but we prevent, rescue and restore thousands each year.

Our December 2015 Challenge is big because the numbers of lost girls we can reach is big! Our year-end goal of $500,000 will fill the gap of what is needed to provide for caring staff, material needs, equipment, training and travel as we head into 2016 and work in high-trafficking communities.

Will you consider giving generously to this important Forgotten Girls Annual Fund before December 31st, 2015 to help us prevent, rescue and restore 16,000 girls and women from suffering abuse and slavery and equip them to build whole new lives?

Your gift will mean that lost girls like Anjay will be found, one by one, and have an opportunity to thrive in Christ.

Please don’t wait a moment to respond. Think of one little lamb who is being led toward abuse and slavery right now. Pray for her. Now help her. With your help, we will find and lift her! And your loving support can make all the difference in her safety and freedom.

In the Good Shepherd,

Michele M. Rickett
Founder & CEO

P.S. Right now, you can be the best help girls like Anjay can have. Please give generously, to help us reach, rescue and restore 16,000 girls and women in 2016. Your gift can help us meet that goal.

*She Is Safe uses representative names and photos to protect the dignity and security of those we serve.