Love Gives Way 2


Just moments before, her mother and bridesmaids were in a frenzy making sure everything was prepared. Now she is ready. Slowly, the music begins to play. Voices fall silent and the room rustles as the crowd stands to honor her entrance. The beautiful bride passes through the doors. She glides down the aisle toward her beaming groom.

This is their BEAUTIFUL day.

The wedding day is a special event and rite of passage. The marriage ceremony was designed to be a display of the selfless love between two people. It is also a beautiful glimpse of the unconditional love that Christ has for His Church. In Atlanta and several other cities across the United States, couples are being given an opportunity to deepen the impact of their wedding and display selfless love as they restore the lives of enslaved girls.

She Is Safe is pleased to announce that we are a Love Gives Way partner organization in Atlanta. Wedding vendors can now sign up and choose to help She Is Safe as we work to prevent, rescue and restore girls and women who are enslaved in the sex trade.

Love Gives Way (LGW) was founded by photographer Andy Brophy in 2011.  LGW was Andy’s  response to seeing the dark perversion of the sex trade and its effects on young girls in India and  in Atlanta. Andy decided to use his own photography business to  enable couples to leverage their wedding day for social good.

The Love Gives Way Story from Stuart Atkins Films on Vimeo.

With the slogan “let your one day, affect her every day” Love Gives Way recently launched a new version of their website which enables brides and grooms to choose specific Love Gives Way vendors for their wedding day. Vendors include musical talent,  florists, catering services, photography, hair stylists and more.  Vendors can choose to become a part of the Love Gives Way network and support a local partner organization that is fighting sex trafficking.

Are you a photographer, florist,  caterer, hair stylist or musician in the Atlanta area? Sign up to be a Love Gives Way vendor and then choose to support  our cause  and help bring freedom and hope to so many young girls who are living in darkness.

Love Gives Way

Are you a bride or a groom? Consider using a Love Gives Way vendor and let your one day affect her everyday.

Diane Fender serves as Program Development Officer for Anti-Trafficking at She Is Safe. In addition to her work with SIS, Diane raises awareness about issues related to the health of girls and women through blogging with Girls’ Globe.