Photograph by Elias Wallace

Hip-hop poet, singer, and songwriter Elias Wallace traveled to India with SIS. He returned inspired, hopeful, and moved to write new material.

While the music that accompanies them is still in production, he agreed to let us post an excerpt of a new song, “Beautiful Girl.” It captures our heart for the undervalued women we work with, in India and around the world:

You were never made to be 2nd class in poverty
You werenʼt ever made to be broken down in misery
You were made for hope and love
You arenʼt what they say you are
More intricate than stars more delicate than flowers
Stronger than the pain you face
I see your beauty through your scars
If I could give you seeds of hope
I’d have you plant them in your heart
And water them with faith and start
To shine the love that makes it grow
Till you know till you know till you know