Please pray with us for Mali, one of the poorest West African countries.  SIS continues to work there for the most vulnerable women and children, many of them now displaced.

In 2012, Islamic extremists gained greater control of the northern region and instituted sharia law there. Now rebels are making greater headway into the southern region. Recent French intervention in the Mali conflict has brought this West African country’s civil war to greater attention on the world stage.

The Guardian UK offers a comprehensive guide to the conflict, including

Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been displaced by the conflict. Many women have been left without a way to survive, and are vulnerable to exploiters.

SIS has worked with the indigenous church to provide opportunities for these women. We are closely monitoring the situation on the ground and praying that God’s hand will intervene to end this conflict and free people to live without fear.

If you’d like to learn more about our work in Mali, please click here.