Dear Praying Friend,

Prayers and support have kept women and girls alive through a violent conflict in Mali. Now, as survivors migrate back to their villages, we need your help to sustain and equip Christian workers to care for those at high risk of abuse, exploitation, and starvation.

As the insurgents are driven back into the desert, Malian Christians are returning to the devastated North. However, in this time where the risk is high and the needs dire, we have observed an exodus of ministry and humanitarian assistance.

She Is Safe is pressing forward with the church in Mali to care for the war-torn nation’s most vulnerable women and girls.  We are asking you to join us in this emergency response, to provide for workers who are exiled, that we could help sustain them and lay the groundwork for the rebuilding of broken lives in Mali.

Please keep these vulnerable women and girls in your prayers. You can click on the button below to join us in supporting our faithful co-workers.

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Blessing you,
Michele Rickett